lend assistance

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The aircraft was part of operation Niki, victory in Greek, a secret operation to lend assistance to Cypriot forces battling invading Turkish troops.
Croke Park must lend assistance to the Leinster Council in this case to ensure the right outcome is achieved.
In addition to their support of BGE, FPL crews will lend assistance to Pepco Holdings, Inc.
With the addition of the Westchester District and the impending addition of the Long Island District, the Postal Service is aiming to lend assistance on this somber problem throughout New York.
De Chirico will be responsible for Immucor's Italian business and will lend assistance to other aspects of
Given the power and scope of the Internet, it would not take much effort for a company to alert its employees nationwide via their computers about what is expected of them as a service provider, and also be able to track the progress of or lend assistance to those personnel to meet their daily regulatory obligations to the public," Krishnan said.
The company will not lend assistance to other utilities until all customers have had their electrical service restored.
Johnson said Otis crews from San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon also were called to lend assistance in Seattle and are still there.
We will not lend assistance to other utilities until our customers have had their electrical service restored," said John Shenal, vice president- Distribution Operations.
The program has been successful so far and we hope that our donation plan will encourage other companies to lend assistance wherever they can.
Representatives of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other local authorities were also on site to lend assistance.