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99) plumps, defines and lengthens lashes and won't give you panda eyes in the pool.
Begin your journey toward enduring youth" with bottles of TA-65, an extract of the Chinese herb astragalus "that lengthens human telomeres," beckons Al Sears on his Web site www.
This latter type of lengthening historically targeted the sonorant in sonorant plus obstruent clusters in Livonian (Kettunen 1938), but is absent in Ingrian, which instead lengthens the obstruent, e.
To explore whether a low body temperature itself lengthens an animal's life, Bruno Conti of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.
As the bone lengthens, new bony tissue fills the gap.
Benefits of the company's release products are said to include multiple release cycles, no transfer to molded parts, no interference with post finishing and bonding, reduced buildup on surfaces, improved productivity through reduced downtime for cleaning, corrosion protection of molds and dies, effective release from molds with complex configurations, low friction coating lengthens life of metal-to-metal contacts, reduced reject rates and more, according to the literature.
Chanel Super Curl Lengthening Mascara in Violine: This is a really gorgeous vivid purple that curls and lengthens at the same time.
Maybelline's new Lash Discovery mini-brush mascara lengthens and defines every single lash with root to tip coverage, executives said.
That's because it lengthens your muscles, which can otherwise limit your joints' range of motion.
Both of these actions predispose the injury to infection, which causes more pain, lengthens downtime, and is potentially quite serious.
Since then, it has consistently won national and international honors for its fine texture and ripe, exotic stone fruit flavors with a refined oak structure that lengthens rather than overwhelms them.
The practice of this pose lengthens your spine and tones your abdominal wall.