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It is in this context, both doctrinal and historical, that the significance of Rerum Novarum and the whole Leonine teaching, as well as of the subsequent social teaching of the Church, can be fully appreciated.
The omens are less than promising as they succumbed 86-9 to their Leonine namesakes at Webb Ellis Road in November and they will again be without Kurt Johnson and, possibly, Emyr Lewis when they take on a home squad featuring half-a-dozen former Rugby assets.
Lewis's novels, is less evident in this film until the dramatic climax, when Aslam, the heroic, leonine deity, tells Lucy and Edmund Pevensie that they are unlikely to return to Narnia but that Aslam can be found in the real world, under another name.
Not only did they look similar--tall, gaunt and leonine with a mischievous glint in their eyes--but O'Toole (perhaps after a lifetime's experience?
They cover aspects of the iconography of the warrior goddess Istar and ancient Near Eastern prophecies, the meaning of offering a throat in Egypt and in Israel, leonine Yahweh in the iconography and history of Israelite religion, the role of the queen in Minoan prophecy rituals, Deborah and the Delphic Pythia, iconography and the interpretation of Isaiah 28:1-6, daughter Zion as queen and the iconography of the female city, Achaemenid kingship in Chronicles, and the iconography of Ezekiel 8:7-13 in light of Syro-Palestinian seals and The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice.
We often talk about them being lions and having a leonine spirit, and I hope very much that they find this spirit in the match tomorrow.
Richard, much earlier in the play, supplies a sardonically reductive view of this same idea of a medium-like Shakespeare who 'doesn't thinks he writes his own plays' but attributes his inspiration to cats who 'communicate a feline energy, a leonine power' (p.
22) What distinguished the Leonine revival, and was carried forward by Pius X's Pascendi Dominici Gregis (1907), (23) was that it self-consciously aimed to achieve a coordinated practical effect.
Also, the leonine personalities at issue in 1947--including, for example, commanders who wielded authority over the 10 percent of the national population that was under arms--are not present today.
Marone was also celebrated--often in the company of his fellow Leonine jester-musicians Giacomo Baraballo (the so-called Abbot of Gaeta) and Messer Camillo "Querno" de Monopoli napolitano--in contemporary popular verse, including the provocative and scurrilous pasquinate posted anonymously on the ancient statue of Pasquino in Rome, a "literary" genre that in some respects was the early-sixteenth-century equivalent of the running versified exchanges one sees today in public bathroom stalls (Gnoli 1938: 180-1).
In the Leoni line, the seal with facing leonine heads is rendered in pale, antiqued gold and used as a sophisticated decorative device on the handle fasteners.
Leonine locks also feature in London dealer John Eskenazi's annual exhibition of Buddhist and Hindu sculpture at Adam Williams Fine Art, 24 East 80th Street, 4-21 March.