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The total estimated (not actual) cost to victims was less than USD6 million.
We're the only animal that intentionally sleeps less than we need to.
5; if it is less than 1, the fraction is less than .
Earlier I argued that public school teachers receive a pay premium for two reasons: the influence of their unions and the combat pay necessary to compensate them for their less than ideal working conditions.
a) more than usual (b) same as usual (c) less than usual (d) much less than usual
Seventy-two percent of patients achieved viral load outcomes that were less than or equal to their levels prior to interruption.
With AIT tape as the primary storage medium, StorNext appliances can provide fast access to data--less than a second for data still in cache, less than 30 seconds for files in a mounted tape, less than a minute for files on a tape that needs to be mounted.
Earning an average hourly wage of less than 23 cents, the typical factory worker of the day would have had to labor more than 90 hours to make a call.
For the past 8 years, Franz has been getting 30 percent less than the amount he'd take for himself; Damion has been getting about the amount he'd normally eat.
15% less than comparably sized conventional hydromechanical machines.
The taxpayers filed their tax return, claiming a rental loss on Schedule E; because their adjusted gross income was less than $150,000, they claimed all or a portion of the rental loss as active participation rental real estate (APRRE) loss under Sec.
Size in terms of sales and assets reveals a similar skewness; in sales, for example, more than half of the firms had less than $250,000, whereas fewer than one in twenty had at least $5 million.