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Taking up yoga to stretch your stiff back and doing pilates to increase your core strength will go a long way to lessen your pain.
The results of the study can lessen release of the poisonous gas steams in the environment and prevents many diseases.
Take short, warm baths--Sometimes adding colloidal oatmeal (available at drugstores) may help lessen the itching.
Therefore we could say that the Welsh tradition of university "travel not only broadens the mind it also lessens crosses on the BNP ballot".
Those areas are the most potent, and if removed, will lessen the punch.
Improving shoe cushioning and choosing a softer running surface can lessen impact forces and decrease footstrike hemolysis.
A study in mice suggests that ibuprofen, the common nonprescription drug, may lessen abnormal accumulation of beta-amyloid.
Not only does it significantly lessen the chances a child will become ill with the chickenpox, but also it lessens her-chance of getting shingles.
A woman taking birth control pills could find herself pregnant if she takes an antibiotic, which lessens the effects of the contraceptive.
The spin gives the mirror a parabolic surface that lessens the amount of grinding to be done in the finishing process and the amount of glass necessary for the casting.
For most children, the fear lessens as they get a older.