lesser part

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But not to crowd this part with an account of the lesser part of the rogueries with which they plagued them continually, night and day, it forced the two men to such a desperation that they resolved to fight them all three, the first time they had a fair opportunity.
Pacquiao, whose concessions have included taking the lesser part of a 60-40 purse split, thinks it's worth it.
Mukhtar Ahmed said that there was a very lesser part of training and research in education of the country while founder of Hamdard University, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said highly insisted on training and research.
Istiqlal Al-zmi the chairperson of the European Center for Diplomacy and International Organizations from the State of Kuwait expressed their utmost appreciation to HRH the prime Minister, asserting that this Award is the lesser part of this wise leader who has contributed in international relations in various spheres internationally.
The steel construction is built to a greater or lesser part in the workshop and assembled on site.
He sentenced Liam William Collins, 18, of Town T -gate, Mireld, who played a lesser part in the a'ray, to 10 weeks, with a six-year football banning order.
As is the case of Riesling, or to a lesser part Viogner, with their abundant levels of pyroxenes, multiple personalities co-exist to successful levels in a glass.
Mobile phones | Stephen Clegg was jailed for 388 days on two charges of fraudulent trading after the judge accepted claims he played a lesser part in the crime.
Clouds Of Sils Maria Cert 15 JULIETTE Binoche portrays an actress coming to terms with being offered a lesser part in the play that brought her fame.
Lord Justice Gage said West had played a lesser part in the plot, being involved for a shorter period of time than his conspirators.
Richard Hannon, who used to dominate the Tattersalls Breeders' Stakes, for which everything in the catalogue is eligible, also plays a lesser part at this venue these days, but Peter Doyle was delighted with the Desert Style colt he bought for him for EUR52,000.
My love for my children makes me glad that I am what I am and keeps me from desiring to be otherwise; and yet, when I sometimes open a little box in which I still keep my fast yellowing manuscripts, the only tangible remnants of a vanished dream, a dead ambition, a sacrificed talent, I cannot repress the thought that, after all, I have chosen the lesser part, that I have sold my birthright for a mess of pottage.