let off

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This is the second time balloons have been let off in memory of Mr Fox, after hundreds of people gathered at an emotional vigil in Thatto Heath Park on September 9.
It accepted the argument of Ram Jethmalani, senior lawyer who represented the Ansals that the two be let off
Tomorrow the Kashmiris say Kashmir assembly passes a resolution that respecting the Kashmiri sentiment, Afzal Guru should be let off and Prakash Singh Badal passes a resolution that respecting the Sikh sentiments, Bhullar should be let off.
Creating proper racing tracks, he added, would people a place to go and let off steam, which would stopg them from using the main roads.
READY TO LET OFF STEAM Harry and Grace Courtney at Chesters Roman Fort in Hexham, one of the sites where events will be held
Summary: Iran has let off medium-range missiles, a day after launching short-range weapons as part of several days of war games.
Dubai: A 27-year-old Filipino accused of stealing a credit card and using it to withdraw Dh10,000 was let off by British victim Dee I.
3 : to let off from doing something <He was excused from chores for a week.
Officers are reminding people that the law limits the times fireworks can be let off, and that adult fireworks cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
CHILD thugs who robbed a Midland man as he lay dying of a heart attack have been let off with just a caution by police.
He apologized saying that he had used the blog "to let off steam".
More than 550 sex offenders have been let off with cautions by Northumbria and Durham Police in the last six years.