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If you're predisposed for a solution, chances are you'll be willing to let slide some negative aspects and cast a vote for peace.
And they're certainly not the oysters you let slide down the back of your throat without chewing.
And the equaliser, in the 53rd came from impressive Wingmaker's striker Chris Budrys who drilled an 18 yard effort which reliable Paul Harrison let slide under his outstretched arm.
Regardless of how stretched a manager may feel, having development conversations with employees is too valuable to let slide.
An interesting one, which I let slide on the grounds that we were all so hungry we'd gone past the proverbial 'point'.
Ronald Barber was once again a terrific quiz master and only managed to let slide one of the answers, much to everyone's delight - at least one guaranteed point.
With that said, Egypt cannot let slide this harsh blow to the fabric of relations with Israel and the gross violation of international norms," Netanyahu said in a statement also thanking Washington for its role.