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This cell was targeted with non-lethal means before sufficient intelligence for lethal operations had emerged.
Lethal injection for execution has largely replaced other modalities for the implementation of the death penalty in the United States.
Previously a member of More Fire Crew, who scored a No 7 chart hit with Oi, Lethal later found himself back at square one when the group were dropped from their label when it went bust in 2002.
Maybe, however, lethal injection is more like research--a nationwide, government-sponsored clinical trial gone horribly awry.
First used as shorthand for any bomb or bullet, the use of "kinetic" evolved, somewhat logically, to mean any lethal action.
In all of these situations, the resulting death or extensive hospitalization is attributed to the police intervention by way of the application of less lethal force techniques, including methods of physical restraint.
Under Oregon law only a mentally competent person with six months or less to live can obtain a prescription for a lethal dose of barbiturates.
Since reemerging in people in late 2003, the H5N1 flu has killed about half of the 100-some people it has infected, and it has been lethal to people in all stages of life.
Lethal Elegance: The Art Of Samurai Sword Fittings by Joe Earle is an impressive and seminal artbook showcasing 150 rare and beautiful masterwork fittings for Japanese swords.
It is now recognized that the vast majority of cases of lethal midline granuloma represent nasal T-cell lymphomas.
FORGET Lethal Weapon just look at Hollywood star Danny Glover's lethal jacket.
The study, published in the April 23, 1997, New England Journal of Medicine, showed that while 36% of the doctors would be willing to write lethal prescriptions if this were legal, only 11% are willing to do so now when it is against the law.