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We believe this approach could be of use in humans who are accidentally or intentionally exposed to lethal doses of radiation.
Under Oregon law only a mentally competent person with six months or less to live can obtain a prescription for a lethal dose of barbiturates.
the Sun quoted him as saying after drinking the lethal dose.
Her priest urged pals at her funeral yesterday to reveal the identity of the person who supplied the lethal dose.
Dignitas, the society that helped him to die, came under fire in the UK after it supplied Mr Crew with a lethal dose of barbiturates five hours after he arrived in the country at a cost of just pounds 46.
Used as a liquid or a gas, a pinprick-sized drop can kill - a lethal dose is just 0.
Like Genetech's immunoadhesin, the Immunex molecule allowed a majority of mice to survive a lethal dose of endotoxin given three hours previously.
The researchers began their experiment by dousing SIV with a lethal dose of a chemical called formalin.
Mucosal administration of BT-VACC(TM) for serotype A produces protective antibodies that afford protection or prolonged survival of treated animals against 30,000 times the lethal dose of botulinum toxin serotype A.
A MAN died hours after apparently swallowing a lethal dose of ecstasy at a late night party, it was revealed yesterday.
Jack Kevorkian was not a practicing physician, yet he administered a lethal dose of medication killing a person.
It was claimed that antibiotics were inadvertently mixed with a lethal dose of potassium chloride and given to Mrs Connolly , on October 14, 1998, at University College Hospital, Galway.