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2 Lethality to comprise the second largest area of spending on Saudi Arabian soldier modernization systems
This, combined with the desired lethality, determines the types of metals needed for a specific mission requirement.
Yes, clearing good shooting lanes indeed does raise your lethality index.
Due to the need to identify patients at risk of attempting suicide within the context of a gross psychological screen, without prior benefit of clinical interview or chart review, the SPS was selected for use to ascertain lethality because of its high degree of face validity.
In spite of the drop in the Replikin Count of the H1N1 lethality gene, followed by a drop in mortality rate worldwide, the Count remains 20% elevated compared to its resting levels between 1934 and 2008.
Both the course of marked increase then sudden drop in gene Replikin Count, and the abrupt drop 5 months later in new clinical cases, are similar to those observed in three other high lethality viruses human outbreaks (1,2): H5N1 virus in Hong Kong 1997 (set.
Our unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology enables the commander to enhance the squad's lethality and save lives by allowing it to put eyes in the sky around and out in front of it.
Predicted lethality, based on traditional Bigelow-type modeling, was computed in real time during cooking, based on data from thermocouples inserted into the center of the product by the scientists.
Due to the complete lethality, no fruit damage from developing larvae will occur and no transgenes can pass into the wild population.
In addition, 10,000 members from the Maritime Self-Defense Force viewed an awesome combined live-fire exercise demonstrating the lethality of Japan's military forces.
Several of our readers have questioned the wisdom of endowing a seemingly highly contagious cold virus with a gene that gives the Ebola virus its lethality.
If the team determines that a referral meets sufficient lethality criteria, it accepts the case.