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And I very much would like to underline that contrary to what some people seem to have thought, there is no letup in the process, the political circumstance has not changed the determination of either leader and they are working hard to achieve more convergences, so that we prepare for a later phase where the final issues can be tackled.
There must be no letup in dealing promptly and effectively with instances of sexual harassment and other types of sex discrimination in today's integrated workplaces.
Then there's China, where annual economic growth has averaged 7 to 8 percent in recent years, with no letup in sight.
What was never kidded was the intensity of the frantic movement--twenty-five minutes of no letup for the performers.
But Fortes said there will be no letup in the military's operations against the group, which allegedly has allied with the Sulu-based Abu Sayyaf, another bandit group.
Builders are operating at a very healthy pace and see little letup in the months ahead, despite the initial shock and economic uncertainties immediately following hurricanes Katrina and Rita," said Dave Wilson, president of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a custom home builder from Ketchum, Idaho.
For their part, the terrorists escalate their tactics, "resorting without letup to sabotage, terrorism, expropriations, assaults, kidnappings, and executions, heightening the disastrous situation" until political liberty is extinguished.