level of education

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At that time Germany was by far the most efficient power in the world, better organised for swift and secret action, better equipped with the resources of modern science, and with her official and administrative classes at a higher level of education and training.
24 (ANI): Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday said the decision to add Gayatri Mantra in the morning prayers conducted in schools was taken to increase the level of education, ethics, and culture in the education system.
Traditionally, students are issued with index numbers as they progress from one level of education to the other.
Since quality education is fundamental to development, the CM has ordered all party functionaries, MLAs, ministers and even government officials to adopt at least one primary school in the state and show tangible improvements in at this formative level of education and learning within a year.
Summary: A Lebanese delegation signed a cooperation agreement with French business school HEC Wednesday, a move that will positively impact the level of education in Lebanon.
Almost half of women with low qualifications (45%) work in a precarious job compared to just over a quarter of men with the same level of education (26%).
American Jews with the highest level of education are the least religious, according to a new study.
25 (Petra)--Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan Hamad Saleh Al Duaij hailed the level of education in the Kingdom and the confidence it gained at the world level.
The primary focus is on the relationship between parents' level of education and the need for remediation.
Yet studies show that a higher level of education is a strong predictor of longevity due to many factors, including higher income and social status, healthier behaviors, and improved social and psychological well being.
In a study, they were found to have a 39% greater risk of stroke compared with those with a lower level of education.
The President of the Republic also spoke of the decline in the level of education in Tunisia and the impairment in scientific degrees and Tunisian universities in international rankings because of "wrong policies," according to him.