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Gil, by comparison, is a milquetoast, a seemingly levelheaded gay man in a stagnant five-year relationship with Charley (Steve Coogan), a restaurant owner with whom, the film's witty narration tells us, Gil will "never have a three-way.
Eventually, Tad proves to be more interested in his new starring role than in the virtues of West Virginia, and Rosalie shows herself too levelheaded to want a life in Hollywood.
may have prompted many levelheaded conservative Americans uneasy about the prospective war on Iraq to throw their support to the president.
In a levelheaded and natural voice, Kwan relates the ups and downs of her career (thus for), including her spectacular and unexpected victory at the 1996 World Championships, her battles with her changing body and faltering confidence that led to disappointing performances in 1997, and the philosophical outlook on life that led her back to fight for her former titles.
This top player also suggested starting out small and urged stock players to remain levelheaded after a "great" day because a "bad" one may very well follow.
And Bob Morrisey does a smooth and utterly convincing turn as a levelheaded museum curator who gives Lizard some good advice.
Their levelheaded mascot is a mutt named Mom whose barks are translated into subtitles.
While Rogan can be faulted for his tepid response in helping to resolve Burbank Airport's long-running dispute, he still is on the whole a responsive, levelheaded congressman who deserves another term.
Therefore his prerace comments are levelheaded and rational.
The company is also led by a levelheaded group of young and talented executives, with whom I look forward to working," Seidman remarked.
His parents, who are interviewed, are a seemingly levelheaded couple from Orange County who have thought long and hard about their son's predilections.