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She observes "Since nurses routinely assess patients' levels of consciousness, we are ideally positioned to model and demonstrate respectful, compassionate coma assessments for all members of the treatment team.
Such products can cause serious and even life-threatening side effects in young children, according to the advisory, including convulsions, rapid heart rates and decreased levels of consciousness.
His figures appear to confront their isolation by turning inward, only to project themselves outwards into other dimensions or levels of consciousness.
It was years later that the purpose for this physical cultivation became understood when I read that Sri Aurobindo's work included bringing the higher levels of consciousness down into the physical body, and eventually into matter itself.
Such statements are increasingly intelligible to those moving through the higher levels of consciousness development, but were misunderstood by the religious authorities of his day, who were not as advanced.
The drugs work by allowing the hormone serotonin to act properly in the brain, controlling mood swings and levels of consciousness.