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One last note: the levels of consciousness apply to everyone on the planet and every human institution as well.
Persons with higher levels of consciousness are able to perceive directly the essential unity of God, humans and all creation.
She offers a beginning taxonomy of acute and chronic problems within and among the physical, organic, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness.
I'm not certain that offering one voluntary product helps with the sale of additional products; however, I think there are different levels of consciousness toward insurance in general," said Gene Hallmark, president of Hallmark Insurance Services in Florida.
The film is about other levels of consciousness and I wanted it to be perceived like that, and live action would be so boring, it just wouldn't work.
She defines four levels of consciousness that have been identified as occurring in performance of Noh: the simple yet powerful stage presence that comes from the performers' unity of mind and body; self-awareness and ability to discriminate between good and bad; an alignment of conscious and subconsciousness forces that allows the performer spontaneity; and a transcendent level where at some point the performer touches on "suchness" or the Buddha-nature.
Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and the great Hindu Siddhas and sages were able to experience high levels of consciousness which allowed them to understand the fundamental operations of the Universe.