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02 is the crime which occurs when "a man and a woman, not being married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together, or if any man or woman, married or unmarried, engages in open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior.
Indeed, the use of "space-off"--"the space not visible in the frame but inferable from what the frame makes visible" (de Lauretis 26)--reminds us that the scenes from New Jersey are merely fictions, for the benefit of the female audience who comment lewdly off-camera.
Even worse, some of the "carnally minded" are preachers: "This our happie Common-wealth is not a little troubled with refractory rabblements of prophane gospellers, who live loosely & lewdly, turning fasting into feasting, & charitie into crueltie" (sig.
Stubbs's lewdly entitled pamphlet of 1579, The Discoverie of a
Veteran restaurant singer Mina took a large salary cut after getting angry with a male guest who kept lewdly asking to "drink the nectar from this beautiful flower.
A 45-YEAR-OLD man with a mental age of 10 was yesterday banned from entering any public toilets after he behaved lewdly in front of a teenage boy.
Lewdly and shrewdly, Leilah tricks Evelyn into the dark underworld.
I discovered an authentic and unspoilt Aegean atmosphere--bars full of raffish fishermen with not a lewdly named Bodrum-style cocktail in sight--along with dilapidated evidence of numerous pasts--most recently, the mined mills and chapels of the local Greeks, who were deported from Turkey in the Christian-Muslim population exchanges of the 1920s.
Certainly, both madwomen speak lewdly, but they are equally similar in their insane recourse to a bygone religious world.
In ordinary circumstances, if there is no proof that Los Angeles International Airport Officer Anthony Edwards acted lewdly, he should not lose his job.
Especially disconcerting is an uncomfortable scene with Geremia lewdly inserting his hand in a young woman's pocket, loudly accompanied by the sublime Elgar Cello Concerto--the disconnect between the two a too obvious try at manipulation.
A few lines later on "That is, a woman; if you be more, you're none," he lewdly looked her up and down.