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LEY. This word is old French, a corruption of loi, and signifies law; for example, Termes de la Ley, Terms of the Law. In another, and an old technical sense, ley signifies an oath, or the oath with compurgators; as, il tend sa ley aiu pleyntiffe. Brit. c. 27.

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Ley hoped to achieve those goals by radically reforming and expanding Germany's largest social program, the core of its social welfare system, its compulsory public pension plan, the Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung (GRV).
Robert Ley hoped to transform German society into a people's community, ridding it of what he considered to be the corrosive influences of both Marxism, which he thought was a device concocted by the Jews to destroy the Aryan race, and plutocratic democracy.
Adolf Hitler once typified Robert Ley as his "greatest idealist.
I play all of the low brass instruments, some better than others,'' Leys said with a grin.
Past television credits for Leys have included the Doc Severenson Band on ``The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
When the regular bass trombone player, Ernie Tack, wanted time off, Leys said he was called to fill in for him.
The family arrived safely in Melbourne, Australia, in the early hours of Saturday morning, more than 18 months after the broad-daylight murder of Ley, widely believed to have been a politically motivated killing.
Rachana and her children fled to Thailand and sought asylum after Ley was shot on July 10, 2016.
On top of that, they faced an excruciating moment at the airport when authorities initially wouldn't allow toddler Kem Ley Vireak - Rachana's youngest son, who was born just months after Ley's death - to fly.
Considered an expert on all things scientifically space-related, Ley also had an interesting career as a pulp fiction writer, capturing the hearts, minds, and imaginations of an entire generation.
But the text also shows how, as astronauts became all the rage, eccentrics like Ley came to be ignored by the public and historians alike.
Even those who are unfamiliar with Ley will be drawn in by Buss's unhindered composition and commitment to his story.