liable to prosecution

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He confirmed officers will confiscate fireworks and persons found in possession are liable to prosecution.
The International Criminal Court (ICC), however, has warned that it is watching developments in the Philippines and that Philippine officials 'ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing in any manner to the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction' of the court are potentially liable to prosecution.
Offenders are liable to prosecution and upon conviction face a maximum fine of $50,000 and up to two years' imprisonment.
Regulated by law, access to the buffer zone is subject to prior authorization, he noted, warning that any illegal immigrant who dares to attack the soldiers on duty is liable to prosecution.
Prison crime investigator DC Chris Franks said: "Anyone serving time in prison is still liable to prosecution as they would be on the outside and, likewise, inmates should feel protected by the law if a crime occurs.
Employees are advised to refrain from indulging in any activity which may tantamount to an offence under this said Act, failing which they may become liable to prosecution in a Court of Law, besides disciplinary action under the corporation's rules.
Bensouda recalled that any person in Burundi who incites or engages in acts of mass violence including by ordering or encouraging to the commission of crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court is liable to prosecution before this Court.
Tsacheva's proposal includes expanding the scope of offenses for which a lawmaker is liable to prosecution.
Another wrote: "We are all liable to prosecution for dropping litter.
The statements made by the Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman about Riyadh's plans for continued destruction of infrastructures as an unchangeable military objective irrespective of war or peace conditions are liable to prosecution through international courts," Political Analyst Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm said.
Under the designation coming into force on 1st April 2015 any person having control of or managing a licensable property without a licence shall be guilty of an offence under Section 95(1) of the Act, and shall be liable to prosecution and upon summary conviction liable to a fine not exceeding PS20,000.
400 and 8,000 Standard Chartered business accounts in the UAE will be affected but warns that the bank could be liable to prosecution by the companies and their owners because of the material and moral damage, which is falling on them.