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A formal background in an assigned subject area is not necessarily required for a successful liaison program, and a tiered approach--where "liaisons in one service tier provide only basic assistance, while liaisons in a higher tier provide more specialized services"--could be used instead [2].
Define the role for board members who are liaisons to sections and committees and set general guidelines for them.
These subcommittees are liaisons to FASB, IASB and SEC and PCAOB.
In this role, librarians must go beyond the walls of the library and interact with faculty and students in classrooms and computer labs thus transitioning from passive liaisons to proactive consultants.
I hope future MTMC liaisons will have an easier time doing their job because of this pioneering work.
Perhaps, as a result, ``Les Liaisons Dangereuses'' - the 219-year-old tale so artfully spun by Choderlos de Laclos and adapted by Christopher Hampton - isn't, er, dating well in the ``Survivor''/``Sopranos'' era of pop culture.
Use liaisons and questionnaires to analyze how and where the company could be affected.
From helping a father sign up for ESL classes to explaining an unfamiliar education term like "gifted and talented" to a mother, multilingual parent liaisons are building a bridge between a Virginia school and neighboring families in need.
In June, just before the fiscal year begins, the budget department initiates the critical process of selecting two or three qualified volunteers from other departments to act as budget liaisons for a one-year period.
To be the legislative program, two Baltimore County police officers were chosen to serve as legislative liaisons for 3 months during Maryland's annual legislative session.
These subcommittees are liaisons to the FASB, IASB and SEC and PCAOB.