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Define the role for board members who are liaisons to sections and committees and set general guidelines for them.
These subcommittees are liaisons to FASB, IASB and SEC and PCAOB.
Current liaison responsibilities for these departments are divided among the four liaisons.
I though to myself: "This is what being a liaison is all about.
At Pasadena Playhouse, James Sutorius, left, and LynndaFerguson portray the scheming duo who live for nothing elsebut ``Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
Use liaisons and questionnaires to analyze how and where the company could be affected.
In June, just before the fiscal year begins, the budget department initiates the critical process of selecting two or three qualified volunteers from other departments to act as budget liaisons for a one-year period.
To be the legislative program, two Baltimore County police officers were chosen to serve as legislative liaisons for 3 months during Maryland's annual legislative session.
In order to accelerate standardization, PayCircle had arranged liaisons with other consortia of the mobile market as well.
When ``Les Liaisons Dangereuses'' was published in 1782, its author, Choderlos deLaclos, said that the novel was intended to shock.
Nasdaq: PRLNC) today announced the completion of the acquisition of Pacific Liaisons, a partnership, also based in Ithaca.
The committees also work with staff liaisons to develop conferences, teleconferences and other content-related materials.