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A libation is a spiritual ceremony, which involves giving an offering to commemorate and pay tribute to the enslaved.
Craig said: "The libation cup will be going into the auction with an estimate of pounds 15,000 to pounds 20,000 but I would be absolutely amazed if it went for that.
All are extremely desirable and rare and that's why a the staggering sum pounds 108,000 was paid for a signed libation cup in rhinoceros horn at Bonhams from the early 17th century.
And when it comes to holiday libations, we prefer those seasonal stalwarts: mulled wine or hot buttered rum.
Based on Agamemnon and The Libation Bearers, the first two plays of the Oresteian trilogy of Aeschylus, The Tower Beyond Tragedy departs from its Greek models primarily in enlarging the role of the Trojan prophetess Cassandra.
Other highlights include: a Chinese "Three Friends" Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup, 17th/18th Century.
She points out that since it is not overly sweet, the libation is appropriate as both an aperitif as well as a liquid dessert.
Granby chiefs led a traditional libation ceremony at the Albert Dock yesterday to commemorate the millions of slaves who lost their lives.
I adopted a liquor stand that only sold Diddy's libation as my designated sipping station, in solidarity with New York, home to both my team and my vodka.
A libation ceremony on the River Mersey, to remember and call for the blessings of descendents concluded the event on Sunday.
If the art of Scottish distillers is more your fancy, join the connoisseurs who converge on Miami to honor of their preferred libation and all things Scottish.