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However, the demanded apology was never given for the actual libellous content of the postings, and untold damage was done to the charity.
This latest accusation is totally false, malicious and, in our opinion, libellous.
Spencer admitted his comments were libellous but claimed damages against him should be small because they were only on the site for a short time.
To undermine staff in this way is totally unprofessional and libellous, as if staff do not get slated enough at present.
When, however, Browne in the seventh eclogue of The Shepheards Pipe engages with (Wither's speciality) "the market for libellous satire" and the scandalous Somerset/Howard marriage, not only does he not use heptasyllables; he also contrives that the first exchanges of Palinode (literally "backwards song") and Hobbinoll should, actually, re-verse each other, diagrammatizing divergence and playing wittily (and not at all informally) upon the meaning of "recant"--which Hobbinoll, besotted bridegroom that he is, won't, at least not in any commonly derived sense.
The Finnish central bureau of investigation suspects that there may be libellous information in the book.
The charges against the newspaper and against Mirdamadi as its boss include propaganda against the Islamic regime, publication of untrue and libellous articles, supporting counterrevolutionaries and other opponents of the regime, offending religious beliefs, inciting political violence and spreading corrupted Western culture.
To suggest, as her piece does, that this arrangement was for Fr Lyden-Smith's personal selfish reasons frankly verges on the libellous.
But it has been littered with potentially libellous comments and insults against teachers and former pupils, according to unions.
My tweet not libellous but I don't have money to contest a multi-millionaire.
Mosley, who has taken legal action in 21 countries, told the committee he wanted false and libellous references to the "Nazi-themed orgy" and the video deleted from the Internet.
Leicester Mercury editor Nick Carter said: "We have to monitor what is said on our website to make sure people are not posting comments that might be libellous, breach the law in any way.