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In a June 14 2011 ruling, Robert Eringer was ordered to pay 20,000 Euros in damages plus 7,000 Euros in legal fees to Prince Albert for the publication of false and libelous materials.
I don't think an accusation of being homosexual is libelous any more, although it might have been considered almost per se libelous 100 or 50 years ago.
In another magazine, I had something written about me recently and it struck me as libelous.
based televangelist had insisted that the site was libelous and infringed on trademark rights by using his name and image, but U.
Causey added, "There's an interesting story about that, including a libelous assault on me from the Audubon Society" that he promised to share in a profile in a coming issue.
He's been libelous and slanderous since he moved in.
Some specific examples of inappropriate use include sexual harassment, racial defamation, and libelous statements.
While some claimed that individuals assigned too much homework or were overly strict, anonymity also prompted the use of expletives and libelous charges such as "skirt chaser" and "pedophile.
On the hottest day on record nearly one hundred years ago, following stinging and libelous newspaper reporting, and wounding criticism of the goldfields pipeline, he shot himself.
The Tokyo District Court on Friday rejected Tokyo taxi driver Hiroshi Tomomoto's demand that the government run an advertisement apologizing for allegedly libelous remarks by a Kyoto District Court judge that disparaged taxi drivers.
The Scots more than anyone can understand what it' s like to have their cities portrayed as dark, horrible places by libelous filmmakers," said Limerick radio DJ Gerry Hannan.
Demon Internet Ltd, the UK internet service provider found liable for hosting defamatory usenet postings in March, has adopted a zero tolerance approach to potentially libelous usenet traffic.