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And it takes a year to a year and a half, until all the court proceedings are finished, for them to realize it was a libelous complaint and close the case.
In a June 14 2011 ruling, Robert Eringer was ordered to pay 20,000 Euros in damages plus 7,000 Euros in legal fees to Prince Albert for the publication of false and libelous materials.
I don't think an accusation of being homosexual is libelous any more, although it might have been considered almost per se libelous 100 or 50 years ago.
After hearing Lowenthal's testimony, a London jury found his criticisms not libelous and found for the defendant.
A headline standing alone on a front page is not libelous if the accompanying story published inside the paper is capable of "innocent construction," an Illinois appellate court ruled as it dismissed a defamation and false light accusation against the Chicago Sun-Times.
In another magazine, I had something written about me recently and it struck me as libelous.
If you find inappropriate or libelous comments about you or your colleagues on the site, you can "flag" them for quick evaluation--and possibly removal--by the site's screening staff.
based televangelist had insisted that the site was libelous and infringed on trademark rights by using his name and image, but U.
Causey added, "There's an interesting story about that, including a libelous assault on me from the Audubon Society" that he promised to share in a profile in a coming issue.
He's been libelous and slanderous since he moved in.
The exchange is aware of a number of unfounded rumours circulating in the market, some of them libelous and deeply offensive, which appear designed to undermine its business and reputation,' the LSE said.
Some specific examples of inappropriate use include sexual harassment, racial defamation, and libelous statements.