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Fact is that in almost all so-called elite educational institutions and in several prominent media houses (especially their English-medium enterpriAses), the stamp of liberal desires is unmisAtakeable.
The Liberal Advocate News is a news site built by Democrats, Liberals and Independents for Democrats, Liberals and Independents.
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Europe (Alde) Party is deeply concerned about the arrest of the Liberal Party Sen.
Marsden Conservative beat Marsden Liberal by 84 to 76.
Many, if not most Egyptians have a negative view of all things liberal.
Embracing liberal values has certainly gained sympathy and even support for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) among liberal circles.
Leading players include Joseph Chamberlain, the former Birmingham mayor who went on to become a Liberal statesman under William Gladstone, and his son Austen Chamberlain, half-brother of Neville.
Although history is still unfolding in respect of the current Liberal-Conservative Government, we can see what it tells us about the previous coalition governments and their impact on Liberal fortunes and how it has created both Liberal heroes and villains.
As someone who has never studied or taught at a liberal arts college, it is difficult to feel the same sense of urgency and despondency regarding America's private colleges as Victor E.
Peter Allen (Liverpool Council, Liberal Democrat) Abstained
By the beginning of the 1930s, the British Liberal Party was in a state of long-term decline.
Citing Aristotle, Franklin and Einstein as proponents of a broad, liberal-arts education, Finn and Ravitch promote the need for liberal learning as preparatory to the civic life needed for a well-functioning democracy.