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Fragment #16 -- Antoninus Liberalis, xxiii: Battus.
freedwoman to another, or that he asked Liberalis to vouch for the
As for the first, the adjective liberalis had been used in reference to education by Roman authors at least since Cicero and implied a condition of freedom that stood opposed to the life of a slave.
The scorpion-laden emissions problem was solved by inserting a goat bladder into the vagina of Minos's sexual partners, according to the Greek writer Antoninus Liberalis.
Part 3, on "the revival of liberal political philosophy," serves to illustrate how easily abused the term liberalis in modern America.
Liberalis kihivasra adott konzervativ valasz was published in 2008 by Argumentum Kiado, Bibo Istvan Szellemi Muhely, Budapest.
The most likely scenarios are that Flavius Liberalis had married a Junian Latin, i.
Originally it came from the Latin word liberalis which inferred that it was something suitable for a freeman.
With Alan Cameron's recent book hot off the press, alongside substantial studies of Parthenius and Conon's Diegeseis, (4) the path is broken for a thorough survey of Apollodorus, Antoninus Liberalis and the fragmentary mythographers and local historians of the period, both literary and epigraphic.
When the false eunuch is said to bear a facies liberalis, the "well-favoured" look of a free man, Terence is not only pointing out the imposter's citizen status but also juxtaposing the two slave characters in terms of freedom versus fixity, one's unmarked pallor and unverifiable eunuchism versus the other's evident and immutable blackness.
76) G1:322 (Greek slightly amended): an interpreter must "trace the metamorphoses which in Greek the words aner, anthropos, agathos, kalos, philokalos, kalok'agathos, kakos, epicheiretes, and in Latin vir, homo, bonus and melior and optimus, honestus, pulcher and liberalis, strenuus and such national words have undergone, which were the honor of their age, and changed with it.
Nous recommandons que l'agrement des installations soit liberalis et s'applique aux institutions publiques et privees.