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18) For a detailed discussion of the moral aspects of liberalist philosophy see Chapter 9 of Naqvi (2010).
Like the Women's Movement, the liberalist ideology upon which the Civil Rights Movement was based was limited in its notion of freedom.
More specific outcomes of this author's work include reinforcing the notion that neither liberalist nor realist theory alone can account for why nations get involved in international conflicts.
Although CRT has grown in its application in many disciplines, CRT scholarship as a whole challenges liberalist claims of objectivity, neutrality, and color blindness of the law and argues that these principles actually normalize and perpetuate racism by ignoring the structural inequalities that permeate social institutions.
i) The Traditional/International Liberalist approach asserts that international institutions, acting as supranational organizations, can set rules that must be followed by individual sates.
In liberalism, the emphasis is on the individual, civil society, and the economy when it comes to the shepherding of souls, whereas in social liberalist welfare ideology, the state and its educational institutions--forms of what Foucault (10) relates to disciplinary power--are of great significance.
This (re)distribution of power into deliberative spaces within the regional development context endeavours to achieve a social liberalist outcome rather than a neo-liberal outcome more common to regions engaged in globalised markets (Aoyama et al.
sic] Anyway, I will also confess that I find the plot of Fidelio not unlike a bad 60s naive liberalist paean to the strength of the individual over the establishment.
Although considered a liberalist economy by many, Japan has long fought for its 'developmental state' policy to be recognised by organizations such as the World Bank (see an old 'JIN'--J@pan Inc Newsletter--for more on this: www.
There are other dangers as well that one might identify with a strong liberalist approach to ethics and its focus on rights language.
If we turn to an analysis of the citizenship rights accorded to women through both liberalist ideology and that of civic republicanism it becomes evident that clear restrictions exist for women in their capacity to access abortion through both their 'status' and 'practice' of citizenship (Marshall 1950).
Andrew Petter, (83) for example, has commented on the liberalist impetus in Charter jurisprudence and in Chaoulli, particularly.