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19) The liberalist definition of macroeconomic stability is narrow, because a fuller definition of the term would also monitor, as any modern text on macroeconomics would show, the effect of the monetary, fiscal and foreign exchange rate policies on growth rates of GDP and the unemployment rate.
After the Islamists-dominated constitution-writing body Constitutional Assembly announced a partial constitution on Wednesday, anti-MB liberalists and secularists complained that the constitution was unfair.
247, 256 (observing prominent classical liberalists and their focus on decentralization).
Neo liberalists belief that markets are preferred for organizing economic activity because as Nobel Laureate Coase argued they would ensure that resources would flow to their most valued users.
While Smith believed that action based on self-interest would release productive energies, increase growth, and benefit society, John Dewey pointed out that classical liberalists
What the liberalists obviously fail to understand is that many children from broken or chaotic homes aren't happy with their lot.
6) While these institutional powers might resist the designation "cultural liberalists," Hughes, Minh-ha and Ross have contributed scholarly to cultural concerns in ways that set them apart from some of their intellectual contemporaries posing the possibility that our understanding of culture is predominantly one-sided.
What the liberalists fail to understand, as they fall over themselves to deride perceived racism in others, is that they themselves could be accused of stirring up intolerance.
18) The age-old adage is that there is no place like home, and liberalists view the return home as the preferred and most durable solution from the perspective of the refugees.
I do not intend to discuss the widening gulf between the Islamists and the liberalists inside and outside Parliament, but rather women's disappointing under-representation in the new Parliament.
Each article--as well as the entire collection--serves to further the closure of the perceived gulf between faith and reason and to assist in diminishing the void between contemporary fundamental liberalists and doctrinal infallibilists.