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He said the committee opted to be liberal in finding the complaint sufficient in form notwithstanding the defect in the verification thereof with the fair warning to all that this will be the last time the committee exercises liberality in finding a defective complaint sufficient in form.
Trudeau is well-known for his liberality and has previously suggested that openness and respect were better ways to defuse Islamist terrorism than "layering on big walls and oppressive policies".
Facebook user Lucas Vogelius wrote: "Protest and solidarity in the best way: men and women standing united against oppression - united in a common cause and struggle for liberty, liberality and freedom.
A country hoyden (Jenny Rainsford wearing pink hair) turns up looking for a bloke and shrieks with un-ladylike joy when her skirts are rumpled, and so the madness and mayhem goes on, with everybody tittle-tattling, screaming for things that cannot be achieved, and apparently distributing their sexual favours with a liberality which drew condemnation for the theatre in general and Congreve in particular from the Protestan-biased middle-class.
It means opulence, with generous liberality of sentiment and public spirit.
The opposition came when she was briefly headed by Liberality over a furlong out but there was never much between the two and Monasada ran on well to hold the runner-up, who had hit 1.
His topics are Dickens and forgiveness in 1846: liberality and liability, forgiving in community: Trollope's The Vicar of Bullhampton and Eliot's Adam Bede, and forgiving in the 90s: Hardy's Jude the Obscure and Wilde's De Profundis.
But, as the likes of Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks will tell you, for all its supposed liberality fashion has been slow to the equality party and the lack of racial diversity on the runways is pretty breathtaking.
From the beginning she had more liberality than her husband and as deep a commitment to improving the cultural as well as the political standing of his realm.
in the spirit of liberality, we allowed the impeachment complaints to be declared sufficient in form," Cavite Rep.
The Bustan is entirely in verses and consists of stories illustrating virtues of justice, liberality, modesty and contentment recommended to all Muslims, as well as of reflections on the behavior of Sufis and dervishes and their ecstatic practices.
Making Amends for Everybody's Faults through Liberality and Magnanimity