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If parents do visit their married daughters', it is seen as a sign of liberalness, urbaneness and tolerance on the part of the woman's m-laws for allowing such a visit.
The liberalness of Israeli women is probably related to a more egalitarian educational system.
Based on a five-point Likert scale (1 = conservative and 5 = liberal [accounting for reverse scoring]), higher scores correspond with greater liberalness (Abbott, 1988).
Ultimately, Eugene's story is tied to the city of San Francisco, known for its liberalness and homosexual history.
My assumed liberalness, combined with the fact that I came of age in the Swinging Seventies, should ensure that I'm a free-love, church-disdaining, censorship-despising "Why is Janet Jackson's boob a big deal?
changing liberalness of the Supreme Court but not the instability of the
Surprisingly, a broad shift in public pop icy in the states cannot be traced to reapportionment, and several scholars have, in fact, found little or no evidence that malapportionment affected the overall liberalness of state policy, including overall levels of expenditure and labor regulation.