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In a mirror to Enlightenment France, 18th century Minas Gerais boasted its own Literary Underground, replete with sedition and libertinism (3).
19] Randolph Trumbach's work on Enlightenment libertinism highlights the difficult balancing act requisite to this masculine performance, and argues that the most important facet of the new masculinity was to distance oneself from the sodomite by exhibiting an absolute interest in women: "Romantic marriage ideally required men to be faithful to their wives.
He "rejected almost everything concerned with religion and supported sexual libertinism.
In Breaking the Waves (1996), he analyzed a conjunction between trauma, religious rigorism, and sexual libertinism.
Margaret Waller sees this rejection of libertinism as central to the plot of the novel:
Falwell believed that America was beset by moral decline, as evidenced by legalized abortion, the sexual libertinism of the counterculture, and the spread of pornography and sex education in the schools.
and she also teaches course on libertinism at Duke U.
The book rightly insists on the complexities of libertinism and offers valuable insights into the court wits, notably the Earl of Rochester (who needs a good critical study) and Thomas D'Urfey, whose politics defy easy categories.
However, his Don Juan is "far more the epitome of libertinism [.
Oiselet and Ignaure do not reflect courtly values even to the extent that Amours does: Oiselet espouses an everyday pragmatism in the bird's proverbs, and Ignaure is far removed from a courtly ethos in its story of the protagonist's libertinism and the savage revenge wrought upon him by the twelve lords he has cuckolded.
But in 1732, as the 18th century passed from the Age of Enlightenment into the less admirable Age of Libertinism, a group of young men from the English social elite set up The Society of Dilettanti.