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19] Randolph Trumbach's work on Enlightenment libertinism highlights the difficult balancing act requisite to this masculine performance, and argues that the most important facet of the new masculinity was to distance oneself from the sodomite by exhibiting an absolute interest in women: "Romantic marriage ideally required men to be faithful to their wives.
The organization was "pro-moral," opposed to pornography, the drug culture, and all manner of sexual libertinism.
To Pope Benedict, as well as other conservatives, the social and sexual revolutions of the mid-20th century may look like an orgy of libertinism.
Denounced in their own time by antivice crusaders as being so immoral that decency forbade even vague description, they've resurfaced with a vengeance in a remarkable succession of recent books that prowl in minute detail through the inventive urban libertinism of the 1850s and beyond.
Despite the modern temptation to see this extreme reaction as a rejection of alchemy per se, Kahn manages to show that the real grounds of offence lay in the religious implications of the theses, with their denial of hylomorphism, as well as the then current reaction to libertinism and materialism more generally.
Moreover, if Hooker touched what would prove a raw nerve in Crispian theology--that of the carnal libertinism that must surely be entailed by the atonement's supplanting of repentance--he also picked out the authentic voice of Crispian deliverance.
While de Gaulle, the devoted husband and family man, preached social conservatism, Cohn-Bendit advocated extreme libertinism.
In fact, what respondents in the Muslim world and a significant number of Americans say they admire least about Western civilization is an excessive libertinism in society.
Three broad intellectual-ideological trends in the 18th century set the conditions for most of Gerdil's work: moral libertinism, against which he insisted on the bonum honestum and the primacy of virtue, the secularism and empiricism of modern thinkers, which he countered with a metaphysics that embraced the personal immortality of the soul and a theistic First Principle, and liberal philosophies of civil society that undercut the natural finality and proper authority of societies such as the family and Church, which he corrected with the enduring insights of premodern political philosophy.
Western ideas of inclusion, especially about gay rights, women's rights and artistic expression, are precisely the libertinism that Islamic fascists rail against.
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The finished version of Le Verrou, which hangs in the Louvre, ranks among the most widely recognised and memorable images in French painting and gives perfect expression to the exultation in eroticism and libertinism that marked the reign of Louis XVI.