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The licentious fury was not as bad as it could have been.
Mistresses BBC1, 9pm Those licentious ladies are back for a third series, and as the friends meet up, it is clear relations between them have taken a turn for the worse.
On stage and on record, Stacious can be so deliciously explicit at times that you wonder if her ascent to stardom won't be stunted by an aggressive flirtation with a licentious borderline.
Lascivious" means a wicked, lustful or unchaste, licentious, or sensual intent on the part of the person doing an act.
She writes a few pages about her one-room schoolhouse experiences with lively sketches of her classmates like Delano Whatley whose feet were always bare and who wore nothing but overalls in the summer or wily Belle whose notes always contained licentious rumors.
A MIX of fact and fiction are woven together in a new period drama for the BBC called Desperate Romantics which profiles the rebellious and licentious Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
Licentious Gotham: Erotic Publishing and Its Prosecution in Nineteenth-Century New York, by Donna Dennis, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 408 pages, $29.
For Ashton is an inveterate womanizer, and she has come to life to reform Ashton's licentious lifestyle in order to expiate her three-thousand-year-old sin of adultery.
Donna Dennis's Licentious Gotham is the latest contribution to this ongoing recovery of the hidden reaches of nineteenth-century Manhattan.
In any case it is the medical profession, the teaching profession and the profession of journalism who definitely have a responsibility to teach and educate our society about the dangers and side effects of licentious fornication.
One can only be reminded of the time just before Sodom was destroyed for its licentious evil and corruptions.
Casting the seditious, vulpine-featured Cumming as the hedonistic god of licentious earthly delights was an inspired choice on the part of helmer John Tiffany.