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This comment has always applied to realism since it has habitually and licentiously intermingled prescription and description.
Some churches are "falling asleep," others are behaving licentiously, and a great beast (probably Nero Caesar, whose name adds up to 666 when Hebrew letters are given numerical values; this is called gematria) doth loom astride the scattered Christians' beleaguered world.
Faced with my stony intransigence, Siddiqui then sought out the support of local print and radio journalists, whom he plied with quotations licentiously wrenched out of context to "prove" that Pipes wakes up every morning thinking of new ways to defame Muslims.
32) This may remind us of Arnold's contemporary John Ruskin, an intensely Protestant figure, trying to explain his attraction to architectural ornaments on medieval Catholic buildings: he calls them budding Protestantism, trying to burst forth from the constricting formalism of Rome-thereby licentiously applying a religious label he likes to a style of art that he likes.
Some are regularly formed from known roots upon known analogies; others are formed licentiously.