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We are not going to go into depth here on the extent to which the intentionality of an action can determine its moral licitness, something that we shall address more thoroughly later, but it is evident that this interpretation of surrogacy is what positively determines (in Massini's opinion) the moral licitness of embryo adoption.
Let us picture what happened when an agent, doubting the licitness of an act, went to consult a moral theologian such as Lessius.
19) These statutory provisions, however, constitute the broader history of when, at different moments in the past, legal actors have attempted to resolve the core quandary that the Court confronted in Lawrence: how to draw an intelligible legal line between sexual licitness and illicitness against a messy backdrop of diverse social practices and noisy cultural commentary.
This suggests why citizenship connected to the territorial nation-state and tied to licitness will likely remain central in the twenty-first century, just as it was in the twentieth century, despite contemporary globalization and regional processes.
It was this insight into the nature of money and the licitness of the exchanger's occupation and remuneration that enabled Azpilcueta to discern the importance of "bills of exchange" (i.
Centering on issues such as how much informed consent is enough or the role of pain management, it avoids the prickly question of suicide's licitness.
Here we confront such crucial issues as the licitness of abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, in vitro fertilization, and stem cell research--the whole Pandora's box of "human life" issues, emerging from our unprecedented control of every phase of human life.
James Keenan, professor of moral theology at Weston Jesuit School of Theology and editor of Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDS Prevention, said of the recent debate among the Southern African bishops, "What we are witnessing is the painful process of an eventual recognition of the moral licitness and the medical significance of condoms in a time of HIV/AIDS.
To say that a doctor "kills" a patient by allowing this to happen should only be understood as a moral judgment about the licitness of his omission, nothing more.
More than a type of exchange, the author analyzed the licitness of the exchanger's occupation and his remuneration.
Thirty-one leaders in biology, philosophy, ethics, and other fields signed this document, which the defended the inherent moral licitness of biotechnologies including human cloning.
In ordinary use the appeal is made by stating the principle's four conditions, demonstrating that one's proposal conforms to those conditions, and subsequently arguing the licitness of one's position.