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Let us picture what happened when an agent, doubting the licitness of an act, went to consult a moral theologian such as Lessius.
He should do this by playing the game of the market, that is by playing on the fundamental licitness of exploiting the latitude of the just price.
Thus, although the basic legal equation of marriage and sexual licitness, on the one hand, and nonmarriage and sexual illicitness, on the other, is hardly shocking, early-twentieth-century judges and lawmakers quickly confronted the complexities of building and maintaining such a simple typology within the law.
Marriage's curative powers surely bolstered its formidable legal status, designating it the definitive marker of sexual licitness.
And it did so in an opinion whose prose signals not a grudging extension of constitutional protection to a particular erotic act, but rather a recognition of the licitness of a particular form of sexual intimacy.
Reading Lawrence in this latter, less traditional, context points to the ways in which marriage still exists in a peculiar relationship to the redefined categories of sexual licitness and illicitness.
236) In this respect, the Court drew upon marriage's traditional abilities to signal sexual licitness.
Physicians and patients may differ sharply in what their consciences tell them about the moral licitness of assisted suicide, euthanasia, the dignity and worth of human life, the relative importance of quality of life, age, or economics as criteria for withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatments, terminal sedation, or whether death of the whole brain and partial brain death are both equivalent to the death of the patient.
There are more questions regarding the licitness of compensating lenders lucro cesante (in an unconditional sense) because it does not account well for delays in payment and other aspects of debtor culpability.
He first raises this issue in his discussion of moderate gain in the licitness of commercial profit.