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All for a man who was a truckling lickspittle, comic buffoon, sniveling coward, and, to top it off, a sadistic, psychotic sociopath.
In the phony war you have a got-up role designed solely to demonstrate your Prime Minister's lickspittle support for an American president.
No, worse: small-circulation investigative publications like the Mail & Guardian and noseweek show by contrast the descent of most news media into lickspittle.
Do not, he said, be a lickspittle, slavishly following the partly line in the hope of some often unglamorous entry level Government job.
Demean yourself with lickspittle lectures about patriotism.
In fact It probably hasn't even been thought of, although I'm sure there's some lickspittle somewhere working on the blueprint.
and certainly a bigger one than seeing the former prince of punk reduced to a cringing lickspittle in the Australian jungle.
The pressure is mounting on the Motherwell-born millionaire/ billionaire/trillionaire (depending on which media lickspittle you were taken in by during the summer) and the Rangers fans must be hoping he got plenty of pounds 10 notes in his Christmas cards.
It took Chelsea nearly 21 hours to issue lickspittle apologies for the behaviour of their multi-millionaire lynch mob.
AS a South Tynesider, I am all too familiar with what I regard as the place-seeking of David Miliband, the MP for South Shields, who is widely regarded as a lackey of the New Labour leaders who, in turn, are proud and open about being the lickspittle lackeys of the capitalist class.
Many years ago I was a Socialist member of the Labour Party and our call for the parasitically Royal Family to be scrapped was greeted with disdain by the Party's lickspittle right wing leaders, and with cries of Go back to Russia, from the public.
FACT: Whatever he says now, lickspittle TORY writer Peter Oborne did accuse Mr Blair of PERSONALLY trying to "muscle in" on the arrangements.