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Instead, let's peek at a rare moment of truth from the GOP that shows its true colors: the sniveling, lickspittle apology to BP and their idea of what a "tragedy of the first proportion" is.
I haven't yet heard from the editor of this proud organ but I feel sure a letter of thanks for earning him the title of Least Supine Lickspittle in Trade Publishing must be on its way.
AaFour lickspittle lawyers and two bootlicking attorney generals provided sophistic legal briefs sanctioning torture.
In 1906 a placard in County Roscommon declared 'a never flinching people are prepared at any sacrifice to have the lands which were theirs before cringing sleuth of foreign origin, or manufactured lickspittle, or heelrubbers of our own ancestry learned how to sell Ireland and Erin's children'.
There were no British or American equivalents in the Allied camp of Germany's lickspittle Generals Keitel and Jodl, sycophantically obeying whatever orders were handed down from the Fuhrer.
But in a private letter, he wrote: "The little lickspittle wasn't satirizing, he really thought his pimps, buggers, and opulent idiots were important, instead of the last mould on the dying cheese.
But there are always exceptions to the rules and it is the courageous whistle-blower who protects democracy, not the lickspittle politician who is 'only obeying orders' even when he knows that what he is doing is wrong.
William Makepeace Thackeray writes that "there is about a freeborn Briton a cringing baseness, and lickspittle awe of rank, which does not exist under any tyranny in Europe, and is only to be found here and in America" (pseud.
Not since the heyday of Garvey had Du Bois felt so affronted as he heard himself called a "class enemy", a "Judas", a lickspittle of the capitalists--vituperation applauded by Theodore Dreiser, John Dos Passos, Lincoln Steffens, Lola Ridge, and other literary lions of the Left.
Yet just as Hari is inferior by race but privileged by culture, Merrick is both lickspittle of the Raj and master of all blacks.
The excuse evoked sarcasm from columnists in the Times and The Weekly Standard (Arnett as lip-synch artist, Arnett as corporate lickspittle, etc.