lie across

See: cross
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Better a thousand times my conclusions should be discredited than that my dead name should lie across the threshold of the temple of Science--a bar to further inquiry.
Though he was to travel through a trackless wilderness, yet the greater part of his route would lie across open plains, destitute of forests, and where wheel carriages can pass in every direction.
It was some time before it got over its vexation; it went boiling and muttering along, fighting with the rotten logs that lie across it, and making far more fuss than was necessary over every root that interfered with it.
Long shadows lie across the hillside from the trees
The three-year-old was allegedly regularly made to lie across his father's lap as his cheeks were pinched together and the porridge-like mixture poured into his mouth.
Medical staff were forced to lie across the patient's head in a bid to protect him as his partner and sister punched and slapped him and tried to pull out medical drips, district judge Barney McElhom was told.
A BIG STRETCH Wuka has to lie across the table with his feet in the air to make his shots
Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt Easy to fit and move between cars, the Bump Belt ensures that seatbelts lie across the lap and don't ride up on to the pregnancy bump.
Meanwhile, some waves got over the close port and reached to the restaurants which lie across the Zonguldak costs strip.
Stick to the bluff edge as the road repeatedly changes names - Hollywood, Crescent, King George, Beach - to the community of Oak Bay, where the humps of the San Juan Islands lie across the Haro Strait.
I feel so strongly ab out it,I would lie across the front of my house and they would have to lay the tarmac over me.