lie down

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If it be the one, I suppose she will lie down somewhere hereabouts.
But still, whether he liked the place or no, the brindled cow never offered to lie down.
The strangers grew very fond of Cadmus, and resolved never to leave him, but to help him build a city wherever the cow might lie down.
would they actually let them lie down in the street and die?
I had managed to bail all the water out of the boat with cupped hands, ending by mopping the balance up with my handkerchief--a slow and back-breaking procedure; thus I had made a comparatively dry place for the girl to lie down low in the bottom of the boat, where the sides would protect her from the night wind, and when at last she did so, almost overcome as she was by weakness and fatigue, I threw my wet coat over her further to thwart the chill.
And I held her tightly while I called Nobs and bade him lie down at her back.
But to lie down and pretend I was dead--I just couldn't.
The man who had been watching this fire, and whose task was ended for the present, gladly withdrew, and left them with their friend, who, spreading Nell's little cloak upon a heap of ashes, and showing her where she could hang her outer-clothes to dry, signed to her and the old man to lie down and sleep.