lie next to

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SLEEP ON YOUR LEFT S IDE Your oesophagus enters the stomach on your right so if you lie on your right, all your stomach contents lie next to the entrance to the oesophagus.
And the worst thing about it is, we have to lie next to you, watching your peaceful, blissful unconscious happiness.
In the video, 10 prisoners are shown being forced by their captors to lie next to or atop one another in what remained of a largely destroyed structure that may have been a military checkpoint.
The north east side have hit a good run in their early weeks and currently lie next to the top of the table, level on points with Hull.
And then the film crew wanted me to lie next to the grave with her.
I take them and a duvet and lie next to the shower.
Further west, the Stadtlagerhaus luxury lofts (2001, Jan Stormer) lie next to the decommissioned fish market hall.
25 million acres) national forests lie next to each other in Arizona west of Coconino and north of Coronado.
THE 36-year-old German couple who failed to have children because they didn't know you should have sex first (they thought you only had to lie next to each other) must have had the same sex education nurse as I had at school.
He notes that sunlit portions of Eros' equator tend to lie next to highly shadowed regions.
The results are twofold: First, atmospheric perspective is eliminated; second, things that originally lay one behind the other now lie next to each other on the same spatial plane.