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Lief opened in September and is the latest reincarnation of the former Doverdale Towers pub, which was turned into the swish Alma de Santiago, part of the Korova group.
Ashley says: "I knew about the Liege and Lief award for a while.
Lief got the idea for the book in 1993, while he was in his first year at the Pepperdine University School of Law.
Speakers, including Jack Lief, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dominic P.
CONTACT: Jack Lief, President and CEO or David Walsey, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, both of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Lief explains, "With the Human Genome Project coming to completion, we see that there will be a huge number of new drugable target opportunities that are going to be becoming available.
Lief indicated that "Arena believes that in combination, Axiom's RHACE Technology and Arena's CART Technology can provide such an advantage.
In the position, McCarthy will report directly to Lief Koepsel, vice president of corporate marketing.
All of us who have had the opportunity to work with Lief and Mike recognize their world-class talent.
We are pleased with Merck's decision to advance this niacin receptor agonist into Phase 2," said Jack Lief, Arena's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Lief Morin, president of Key Information Systems said of the new Avnet Instant Messaging, "The availability of this immediate form of communication gives us a tremendous advantage in serving our customers, and provides an additional means of communicating with all of our team members.
CONTACT: Jack Lief, President and Chief Executive Officer, or Cindy McGee, Senior Communications Associate, both of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.