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Unlawfully and intentionally subjecting a dead pregnant woman to life-support measures to keep a fetus alive, where the deceased has not made a will to that effect and against the wishes of the family, may result in a criminal charge of a violating a corpse.
Although many believe it to be an action of physician-assisted suicide, in reality withdrawing life-support has been affirmed in court many times (Quinlan, Herbert, Linares, and the like).
The medical center treating the woman refused her request to end life-support and stated that their response will be given in court.
Some won't permit the removal of nutrition and fluids even if patients previously indicated they did not want this type of life-support.
She ruled that doctors could withdraw life-support treatment after a hearing in the Court of Protection in London.
Mansell had been taken off the life-support machine in Castlebar earlier this month and last weekend Dr Halley reported a significant improvement in the jockey's condition, stating that Mansell was speaking and walking, with assistance.
Miner, "any more than they do by disconnecting life-support systems.
Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed that his doctors offered to turn off his life-support machine, as he was close to death while writing his best-seller book A Brief History of Time in 1985.
Wire services reported that the family had decided not to withdraw life-support systems.
Two weeks previously he had a heart bypass and was hooked to a life-support system and kidney dialysis machine.
YASSER Arafat was being kept alive on a life-support machine last night as his condition continued to worsen.