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By adding Filament's marketing and consumer engagement capabilities to Lifetime's expertise in sales, ecommerce, sourcing and IT infrastructure, Lifetime said it will be more strongly positioned to deliver and develop more products.
But three-quarters of those in this low short-term-risk group are at high lifetime predicted risk as defined by a 39% or greater estimated likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, including stroke.
What the commission is being asked to consider is a one-time payment that could be about half of what the veteran would receive in a lifetime under the current compensation system.
The Company will pay Paul $5 million for the business (the present value of the lifetime stream of payments) and that will be the Company's tentative tax basis in the business.
John Hancock Life Performance UL Lifetime 10,940 25,670
Lifetime carries little long-term debt and nearly doubled its sales recently with the purchase of Pfaltzgraff and assets from Salton last year, marking its entrance into better tabletop.
We are just now seeing the emergence of a new generation of annuity products that, in effect, offer retirees the option of creating their own customized lifetime pension plan--a monthly paycheck they cannot outlive.
The network's movies are performing near-unbelievable feats of magic in the Nielsen ratings: The seven highest-rated original movies in basic-cable households since January are all Lifetime titles.
We present a progress report on an experimental program to improve the measurement of the neutron lifetime, [[tau].
Digital asset management technology allows you to manage and track video and other media assets as files," says Gwynne McConkey, Lifetime TV's senior vice president, operations, information systems and technology.