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The additional extension of the packet lifetime limit does not improve the probability of successful reception and the expectation of discounted payoff, if the original limit is sufficiently large enough to yield the optimal throughput.
4 million lifetime limit on the level of pensions saving that can benefit from tax relief from April next year.
Under current ISA rules, the most we will be able to invest will be pounds 5,000 a year tax-free, with a lifetime limit of pounds 50,000.
The President himself has proposed a lifetime limit on welfare of five years, and he is running television spots that advertise his toughness on the issue, saying that all welfare recipients must be put to work.
However, this 10% rate of relief was initially restricted to a lifetime limit of pounds 2m of capital gains.
4 million lifetime limit for pensions saving that could benefit from tax relief.
And everyone would face a lifetime limit of five years - or as little as two years if the states so decide - on cash or workfare assistance.
Prior to the emergency Budget, the 10% rate was restricted to a lifetime limit of pounds 2m of capital gains.
A survey of 500 top business found that the lifetime limit would have a more widespread impact on business than originally estimated, the firm said.
Initial indications are that there will be "generous exemptions for entrepreneurial business activities" and many local business owners are already benefiting from the recent increase in the lifetime limit for entrepreneurs' relief introduced by the 2010 Budget.
The aim was to secure a 'broad-based national consensus on the way forward', but if that did not happen the plan to introduce the lifetime limit in April 2005 would be scrapped, Mr Brown added.

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