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People with disabilities are a viable consideration as employees to meet a business need," said Tony Saputo, vice president of advancement for Lifeworks, based in Eagan, Minn.
Thru their lifework, they have a claim to fame boat with distinguishing features to the knowledgeable marine eye and used on many TV shows.
The exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangers Society) and the lifework of one of their most noted members - Iona Trefor Jones.
of Maryland, College Park) explains Laban's lifework and influences, exploring his revolutionary analysis system, and describing the impact of such works as Die Grunen Clowns and The Mastery of Movement.
She should be putting her energies into making her present lifework, not hanging on to the past.
Some years ago I was fortunate to obtain a pack of the Thoth Tarot Deck, the lifework of master theologian Aleister Crowley.
Frida Kahlo," a comprehensive look at the artist's lifework, opens at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for a run through the end of September.
Merriam made it his lifework to classify 86 separate subspecies of grizzlies, "a classic example of taxonomic over-splitting," the author writes.
Designing Your Life, by Connie Komack, Book, 2006, Lifework Enterprises, $75.
Her experience of the horrors of prison opened up a new lifework for her, caring for prisoners and their abandoned children.
As stated in the forward: "The goals were to catalogue and publish his entire lifework in a manner that was guided by the highest standards of scholarship and to make the results of research available to the public in a manner that provided the greatest benefit to a wide array of users.
The German artist's lifework is the Haus u r (ur-house), 1985-, an outwardly unassuming building in his hometown of Rheydt.