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This is not true in kestrels, in which the pupillary light reflex is very fast and the pupil diameter, secondary to the stimulation of the examination light, is too small to be able to observe the posterior segment of the eye.
said: "This study showed that with infrared pupillometry, the presence or absence of the pupillary light reflex can be detected during CPR.
He spoke about the postmortem techniques, cattle necropsy, meat hygiene, papillary light reflex pathway, integrity of nerves, mummery gland tumour, anatomy, skin, muscles, spay and neuter anatomy, reproduction anatomy, histology, microbiology, rabies/dog bites, epidemiology, clinical procedure etc.
The pars tensa is intact, and there is a good light reflex at the center of the photograph.
Light-reflex test: This assesses the integrity of the pupillary light reflex pathway.
The light response test is important as it examines the integrity of the pupillary light reflex pathway.