light upon

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Flare: How do you see paint industry, and also shed light upon good and bad practices?
Beyond the brothers, their mother, Rose, shines a light upon the roads not taken.
I hope that we could help those who have lost their way in the DOJ and its attached agencies and shed light upon them to help them change) ,' Aguirre said.
Speaking about art in general and his latest work, Savvidis said "the parallel features of dazzling light upon a dark background separates what seems to be from what is apparent, bringing to mind the theory thought up by Plato, the idea, the cosmic plans forgotten by God.
A geographic study of race and gender, this book casts light upon the ubiquitous--and ordinary-ways carceral power functions in places where African Americans live.
Synopsis: In 'Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies,' humorist Jonathan Kieran shines an uproarious and irreverent light upon 33 different "types" of internet commenter, exploring issues like religious hypocrisy, narcissism, and celebrity obsession while probing the hilarious depths to which human behavior will plunge when people think they are anonymous online.
The blessing comes from Numbers 6:23-27 where Aaron and his sons are commanded to bestow the following blessing on the Jewish people: "May the LORD bless you and guard you, May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you, May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace.
Dubai Customs said it has launched an HR initiative titled Together for Excellence", in line with the vision and directives of his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, towards shedding the light upon the importance of leveraging employees' capacities, which brings in mutual benefit for both employees and clients alike.
Meanwhile, a man was killed in the premises of Chamkani Police Station in broad day light upon refusal of paying extortion.
In this amalgam of action, humor, darkness, and political commentary, will the infection that spreads beyond the prison walls shed light upon the hidden problems in the political relations between two countries?
Your Poem REFLECTION ATA T PESTRY of light upon the wall Weaves images of you upon my mind And with each stitch you rise ' and gently fall 'Til just a veil of you is left behind ' Then once again the blazing embers flare Left gazing at their sparkle now it seems It makes me feel of love lost and despair Rekindled once again it lights my dreams Which tell me love is like a smouldering fire To warm the soul when deeds Warm the soul when deeds T of day are done When in my chair I wearily retire And picture that one day we might be one Yet though I know my dreams Though I know my dreams Y cannot come true The fire within my heart still burns for you Syd Webster
The European Union can see a ribbon of dawn light upon the horizon.