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Holding's light-footed approach to the crease and malevolent pace earned him the nickname "Whispering Death" during 60 Tests for the West Indies, but the Jamaican said his career would have been very different had it begun 35 years later, The Age reports.
In "Not Eternity and Not a Void," the speaker muses on the elusive present moment in time, which "like the mythical messenger / light-footed Iris / always moves away from us with an unknown message.
Looking like something from a science fiction film, the surprisingly light-footed computer-controlled man caught crowds by surprise yesterday as it lunged towards them, walked, talked and even squirted water in their faces.
She also demonstrated some impressive, light-footed dancing ability in Act III.
The movements of Bhangra are swift, light-footed and happy, which is appropriate since it is danced at festivals and celebrations.
Much of the recent success towards the recovery of the endangered light-footed clapper rail (Rallus longirostris levipes) is due to determined efforts of the San Diego Bay NWR, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office, California Department of Fish and Game, U.
It is for you, those lovely gifts in the Muses' violet-scented laps, my girls, to pursue in earnest, and the keen, vibrant lyre as well: but my own skin and flesh, once so pliant, old age now takes over, and my dark hair is turning white; so my soul grows heavy, and my knees can't hold me, that once matched the light-footed dance of fawns.
It is not only quick off the mark but it has strong mid-range punch as well and without even trying I was nudging 30mpg, so the more light-footed would probably comfortably see another 5mpg regularly added to that figure.
Or some light-footed fruit-loop poncing about dressed as a fairy?
Instead of the humping, bumping, freaking, and grinding of simulated sexual intercourse, salsa is light-footed and mores across the floor.
Far from the blubbery cartoon character he was portrayed as, the new, light-footed O'Neal was active and bouncy.