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Significantly, this paper provides an important baseline for the current practice of skin lightening in the country, helping to reveal associated factors and ultimately contributing to and supplementing existing literature.
Reasons for its skin lightening effect include: its antioxidant properties, ability to switch eumelanin to pheomelanin which is the type of melanin found in lighter skin-toned individuals and the inhibitory effect it has on tyrosinase which is a key enzyme in melanogenesis.
Skin lightening is practiced by consumers of all skin types," Dankwah said.
We never promised that Kojiesan could provide instant or intense whitening because we know that duration and degree of the lightening effect varies from one person to another,' said Gregorio.
It is a natural component found in vegetables, fruits, and grains but formulated as synthetic when used in topical lightening products.
They are now advising shoppers to check the ingredients of their skin lightening products.
8220;The lightening of skin's dark spots is not overnight.
Mama Njeri explains that it is up to a client to decide how to move across the shades: from skin brightening (mild) to skin lightening (stronger) to skin bleaching.
28--Five people died late Monday night after being struck by lightening in two mountain villages in Hodeida following a rainstorm.
Since the turn of the decade many African women, Namibians included, have turned to bleaching their skins using skin lightening products imported into the country from East and Central African countries.
Two women--Ashru Devi and Nisha Devi were killed in Ramban after lightening struck them outside their house," said a police spokesman.
uk Sun spray Lee Stafford's Sun Kissed Lightening Spray is the newest addition to the hair stylist's Pink haircare collection.