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Even customers who were being served at the time got into the act--proof that engaging customers in lightheartedness is good for business.
Putto, Italian for cherub, is often associated with wood or plaster forms that lent lightheartedness to Renaissance and Baroque art.
It is the one time of the year when we confront mortality not with fear, hesitation or the hushed tones of a taboo subject but with lightheartedness and a sense of fun.
And the Hamish Macbeth novels certainly do: The small-town Scottish police sergeant himself and his uncanny insights and uncommon and unorthodox manner; a cast of characters that repeatedly stays on form; plots that follow a pattern but are different from one another; Macbeth's eternal hard times from his superiors; his forlorn love life; his pets, a wild cat and a dog; and a lightheartedness that is easy to take and read.
Here's a film that treats the issue of Arab immigration to the US with lightheartedness, precision and heartfelt compassion.
It's going to be a long time out, so there's two ways of dealing with it - either be grumpy for the next six months or I could try and get on with it with as much lightheartedness as possible.
The Constant Wife" may be billed as a comedy, but in Pasadena, it's not played with much lightheartedness.
The film is romantic and dreamy, what with that blond woman who is the image of beauty and charm, just as the sports car and the flouting of the rules in order to reach love entails a good deal of lightheartedness and a sort of gratuitous youthful heroism.
Taylor said lightheartedness plays an important role in the group.
Perhaps the lightheartedness has been forced out by the politically correct brigade.
He was able to bring much-needed lightheartedness to the show in the most professional and entertaining way.
Known for a beguiling lightheartedness, she also teaches for ABT's summer intensive and at the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center in Tivoli, New York, with Martine van Hamel and ABT director Kevin McKenzie.