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I know that I almost had a shunt on the A689 pulling out to overtake on what was to all intents and purposes a clear road, only to get a serious honking from a lightless character in a grey BMW, hurling up behind me well in excess of the 50mph limit in force at that spot.
The polymer does not vanish but simply changes form and even this will not occur in the lightless depths of a landfill.
A tall, narrow, lightless room containing a single empty cot and three locked doors.
As recently as a couple of decades ago, many astronomers suspected that dark matter might be ordinary matter clumped into lightless spheres--massive compact objects whimsically dubbed MACHOs.
Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.
Afterwards Ignatz rose and without taking his leave of them opened the sliding glass door and vanished onto the lightless beach.
So many of Cardiff's pubs were built in the second half of the 19th Century, when home comforts were few - and what an escape they offered from the cold and lightless hovels in the dank little courts of the town.
Passengers would kill to escape lightless coaches and create the cornerstone of Irish Republican Army demands for immediate freedom for Northern Ireland.
Every hour the women emptied and replaced the traps, collecting the plankton for sorting back at the lab, a kilometer up a lightless path from shore.
At the top of the stairs--past the lightless women's restroom, where the tap at the sink can't be coaxed off--there's a bandstand and a hilltop promenade.
I gaze at those walls, And hear the cries of long ago And see mothers clutching their children Begging for water in the merciless, Airless, lightless heat of that vaulted chamber I gaze at the walls barren of names Of the thousand times thousand Murdered or enslaved and transported from here.
Instead of eyes, predatory crustaceans of the class Remipedia rely on long antennae that search the lightless void in all directions.