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Finally in 1999 the project got started, and in a lightning stroke of only twenty-nine days, guess what--they moved the lighthouse
The task for the anti-war movement is to build on that natural revulsion in such a powerful way that it cannot be overcome by a lightning stroke of propaganda or a military action like the one in the Persian Gulf.
Sprites appear in the split seconds that follow touchdown of a lightning stroke, but in just a small fraction of cases.
Provides real-time central collection of comprehensive waveforms for the generation of complete lightning stroke data feeds that includes time, location, classification and peak current/polarity.
This gigantic jet carried as much charge to the upper atmosphere as the very biggest cloud-to-ground lightning strokes, about a hundred to a thousand times bigger than a typical lightning stroke," Cummer said.
On average, a lightning stroke in Florida packs almost twice the electric current of one in New England, reports Richard E.