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Aside from having the participants evaluate themselves, the pictures were also rated by 178 members of the public, who were tasked to describe how attractive, likable and self-centered they thought the subjects in the photos were.
Hayate is a likable guy--he's honest, reliable, hardworking and probably not too bright.
In a Mexico City apartment complex, 14-year-old best pals Flama (Daniel Miranda) and Moko (the very likable Diego Catano) spend a typical weekend afternoon playing Xbox games, snacking, and getting up to minor mischief.
Rory and Tucker are a likable couple and her explanation about Woodstock and her first name hooks the audience from the onset.
Hannah is a likable character, a young woman determined to make her mark in the investigative world while trying to deal with the loss of her twin during childhood.
The only completely likable and fleshed-out character is Albrecht.
In spite of this unlikely work-schedule the character is complex and likable, and this first novel is an entertaining page-turner.
While readers may initially find Zaria to be a cold, rigid sistah with a chip on her shoulder, she eventually grows into a more likable character.
Mar Vista, a collaboration with composers Holly Lovecat and Jimmy Johnson, who provide a likable, techno-y score, is a small projected digital animation that takes a romantic seascape as its promising point of departure.
Brisbane's nineteenth-century suburban houses are very likable.
Sociable, likable and witty; Mike Mealey likes to tell the story of his early days as a litigation newsletter publisher.