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In a nutshell: Likably lumpy story of a loser's redemption, despite every Vegas underbelly cliche in the bookie's book.
In a nutshell: Likably low-tech Christmas comedy about a man raised as an elf can't decide if it wants to be subversive or heartwarming, and winds up charming.
As likably everymanish as Hanks is in this modern-day Robinson Crusoe tale, the predictability of the story undermines the film.
They don't behave likably a lot of the time, but I didn't feel I was about to condemn them, either.
Twelve-year-old Marcus (newcomer Nicholas Hoult, who adroitly treads a fine path between obnoxious and pathetic to something resembling likably genuine) is bullied at school and saddled with a depressive, sometimes suicidal, post-hippie mother, Fiona (Toni Collette, perfectly cast) at home.
Jolie is practically unrecognizable in ``Life,'' sporting platinum blond helmet hair that befits her character, a likably self-absorbed television reporter named Lanie Kerrigan.
Rowling's phenomenal fantasy best sellers, this second go-round possesses a quite pleasing, headlong thrust and a likably delinquent attitude.
OPEN HOUSE'' is a quintessential women's picture, positing sisters doing it for themselves until the finale, where romance finally comes to our likably beleaguered protagonist.